SAViQ Anti-ageing bee venom skin science

BVA Level

Right here in New Zealand we have mastered the bee-friendly collection of one of the purest, health giving forms of Bee Venom in the world.

SAViQ uses the VENZTM brand of purified Bee Venom. It is special because it originates from organic hives in Nelson where years of biological research and biotechnology have delivered a purified form of the venom. This is safe, potent and maximizes the delivery potential of its active ingredients to skin. Read more.

Each product uses a variable level of the venom dependent on function. A tiny bit goes a long way. You’d hope so at a value of $7000 per gram right?

A BVA Rating (Active Bee Venom Level) denotes Bee Venom Activity level. This BVA varies from the highest potency (BVA + 8) in the Bee Venom Face Mask, to the lowest in the Bee Venom Cleansing Milk and Toner.

The logic for this sliding scale is this: you want your treatment product to be a real tightening and lifting booster. It’s the most expensive and you’ll only use it once or twice per week. Your daily essentials which get washed off (like cleansing milk) or which combine with other products (like the mist toner) can afford to have a lesser level of active bee venom. As you are using them most regularly, this also makes them quite affordable. They still provide a safe, anti-ageing support mechanism with the inclusion of BVA.

As you go through the SAViQ Range section, see the BVA tab for info.


BVA Level Graph