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Bee Venom Night Creme

Protective Nourishing Complex

How to Use

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The Night crème is your ‘evening moisturiser’, designed to renew your skin while you sleep. It is richer and slightly heavier than the moisturiser. It conditions and protects with antioxidants. Its viscosity is ideal to be massaged and worked into your skin to promote circulation and prepare for the release of toxins as you sleep.

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Application Guide:

  1. Dispense a large pea size amount to your fingertips.
  2. Gently warm in fingertips.
  3. Sit down (or lie down) to maximize relaxation
  4. Press product into skin in acupressure points
  5. Then use gentle sweeping motions (The SAViQ technique) to smooth into skin. Massage in with anti-clockwise movements.
  6. Avoid the eye area – use the eye crème here


  • Don’t hurry this night time ritual. Enjoy it. Close your eyes to massage in!
  • Night time is the perfect time to give your skin a workout to help with lymphatic drainage
  • Perhaps keep your night crème by your bed and finish your evening ritual in bed.

We women are multi-taskers and so busy. A great tip is to get your nightly skincare regime out of the way as soon as you get home from work – or straight after you put the kids to bed. This way you won’t run out of energy or interest!

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The SAViQ Regime

The SAViQ product range is best when used as a daily synergistic system. However, any product will work with your existing skincare range. Follow this order of product application – with your SAViQ Bee Venom Face Mask being used as a supplementary powerlift treatment once or twice a week.

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