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Bee Venom Eye Creme

Protective Eye Complex

How to Use

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The skin around the eye area is five times more delicate and thinner than the skin on other parts of your face. That’s why we recommend reserving the eye crème for this area and applying it last. This way skin is free to absorb the SAViQ eye crème and benefit fully from its unique composition.

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Application Guide:

  1. Dispense a small amount (about a half a pea size) onto your ring fingertips (of each hand)
  2. Gently press product onto the eye contour area, from outside in, working around in a circle (in the vicinity of the orbital bone – not too close to eye)
  3. Then smooth product outside in (circularly) lightly and finish with some acupressure on the temple area
  4. Slightly pinch brow pressure points and rub the corrugator muscle inbetween eyebrows in a light upward motion


  • Never pull or stretch the skin in the eye area when cleansing or applying product
  • If you sleep on your face or side, you are more likely to suffer from puffy eyes
  • Using one finger for application ensures you will be gentler with application
  • Keep product bedside (along with your night crème) and finish your skincare regime in bed for extra relaxation

The SAViQ Regime

The SAViQ product range is best when used as a daily synergistic system. However, any product will work with your existing skincare range. Follow this order of product application – with your SAViQ Bee Venom Face Mask being used as a supplementary powerlift treatment once or twice a week.

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