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Bee Venom Cleanser

Gentle Purifying Cleanser

Skin Expert Review

The cleanse is vital to prepare our skin to accept the nutrients we then give it in the form of toner, serum and moisturiser.

Are you using your cleanser morning and night? Sure most ladies will take the time to remove make-up and wash away the grimes of the day before bed. But many of us forget that essential morning cleanse. This is important, as during that regenerative sleep we’ve had, our body has expelled all sorts of toxins out of our skin.

This SAViQ cleanser is an effective, natural cleansing milk. Its soap free and will not strip away essential oils. It’s good on make-up removal. And its natural base ensures it won’t irritate skin. Like so many of the SAViQ products it’s convenient multi-purpose nature means it can act as a cleanser as well as make-up remover ideal for the eye area.