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Bee Venom Cleanser

Gentle Purifying Cleanser

How to Use

Img Regime Step Cleanse

Your regime should always start with a cleanse.

Application Guide:

  1. Start by dispensing one full pump if you are wearing make-up.  A half pump is sufficient if you are not wearing make-up. Dispense into dry hands.
  2. Use the SAViQ Technique to massage the product into your skin. 
    Use circular movements of the fingertips, upwards and outwards. This motion is important for lymphatic drainage and stimulation of your microcirculation. It’s also good to use an upward motion to counter gravity.
  3. While you massage the product into your skin, pay particular attention to the chin, nose, forehead and T-Zone areas.
  4. Gently wipe away thoroughly using a warmed, wet face-clothe/flannel.

Img Regime Eg Cleanse


For Eye Make-up:

The SAViQ Cleansing Milk is fine to use to remove eye-makeup. The technique here is:

  1. Apply cleanser to two clean pre-dampened cotton pads (one for each eye)
  2. Gently compress onto eye area.
  3. Hold 20-30 seconds.
  4. Gently wipe down and outwards.
  5. Fold pad over and wipe under the eye area.
  6. Wipe away cleanser with clean flip side of pre-dampened pad.
  7. Finish with gentle sweeping motions with a warm face-clothe/flannel


  • Tie your hair back, use a hair band or put on a shower cap.
  • Don’t drag or pull down on the skin – this promotes wrinkles!
  • Cleanse twice at night if you’ve been wearing heavy make-up.

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The SAViQ Regime

The SAViQ product range is best when used as a daily synergistic system. However, any product will work with your existing skincare range. Follow this order of product application – with your SAViQ Bee Venom Face Mask being used as a supplementary powerlift treatment once or twice a week.

Img Saviq Regime Steps