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Bee Venom Serum

Corrective Repair Treatment

How to Use

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Everyone who is serious about their skincare should use a serum! The SAViQ Bee Venom Serum is a corrective repair intensive. The beauty of this product is in it’s ability to deeply penetrate the dermal layer to repair and correct imperfections like UV damage.

Always apply the serum under your moisturiser, or night crème (after cleansing and toning).

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Application Guide:

  1. Apply one pump of serum to the fingertips and warm between the fingertips
  2. Press the product into the skin to maximize absorption
  3. Gently massage into skin using an anti-clockwise circular motion – up and out. Again, this SAViQ technique promotes lymphatic drainage and circulation


  • Avoid the eye area – leave this for your eye crème
  • Massage into your neck (décolletage). This is a much neglected area of the body and it will LOVE the firming, tightening action of SAViQ.

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The SAViQ Regime

The SAViQ product range is best when used as a daily synergistic system. However, any product will work with your existing skincare range. Follow this order of product application – with your SAViQ Bee Venom Face Mask being used as a supplementary powerlift treatment once or twice a week.

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