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Bee Venom Face Mask

Advanced PowerLift Treatment

How to Use

Regime Step Face Mask

Apply the mask once a week with a spatula (or brush) and rinse off 15 minutes later. You can absolutely use it more often – daily if you like! It’s a great spirit lifter after a bad day at the office or a tiring big-night-out. See for yourself why the Royals and celebs rave about Bee Venom.

Img Regime Eg Face Mask


Application Guide:

  1. Dip your brush into the mask pot and brush on generous amounts of the face mask
  2. Use light brush strokes to the face, staying away from the eye area
  3. Leave mask for 10-15 minutes. While it’s on you can go and do chores OR relax and let the mask lift away the stress of the day
  4. Remove with clean, warm face clothe/flannel
  5. Follow with a spritz or two of the SAViQ Toner, Serum and Moisturiser etc


  • As an extra special masking treatment, apply a dose of SAViQ Serum immediately before the mask
  • Use a make-up or masking brush to apply this product 

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The SAViQ Regime

The SAViQ product range is best when used as a daily synergistic system. However, any product will work with your existing skincare range. Follow this order of product application – with your SAViQ Bee Venom Face Mask being used as a supplementary powerlift treatment once or twice a week.

Img Saviq Regime Steps