SAViQ Anti-ageing bee venom skin science

The SAViQ Range

A Unique Spectrum of Anti-Ageing Skincare

SAViQ utilises a synergistic fusion of New Zealand Manuka Honey and a varying intensity of purified, Active Bee Venom (BVA) in each solution. A BVA rating denotes Bee Venom Activity Level.



Advanced PowerLift

Corrective Repair

Daily Protective






A multi-functional anti-ageing 
solution for the savvy woman

What is unique about SAViQ™ is it’s exciting synergistic blend of Manuka Honey, Bee Venom and NZ Plant Extracts in a high performing, anti-ageing range - made In New Zealand. Read more in our philosophy.

Everything you need to cleanse, tone, moisturize, protect and correct is at your disposal.

The SAViQ™ range combines three classes of product to provide a comprehensive ‘fountain of youth’.

It’s made up of Daily Protective Essentials, Corrective Repair Intensives and Advanced Powerlift Treatments. Each has a varying degree of Active Bee Venom (BVA) depending on desired functionality. For example the Bee Venom Mask is an Advanced Powerlift Treatment with the highest level of BVA (8). At the other end of the spectrum, the Bee Venom Cleansing Milk contains moderate levels of BVA (2) to nourish skin and protect it from premature ageing while cleansing. Read more about BVA.