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As a skincare educator and connoisseur (if it’s out there, I have tried it) I’m happy to admit a wee obsession with the evasive ‘fountain of youth’. But then, isn’t every savvy woman over thirty?

We live in amazing times. Skincare technology has changed incredibly over the last decade. Interestingly however, the key concerns of women stay the precisely the same. We want to turn back time!

What women want

Essentially, we want a skincare regime to address all of the key signs of ageing. We prefer it to be safe and affordable. It should get great results quickly. We don’t want to spend hours doing it. It needs to be easy and multi-purpose.

I’ve recently come across a range that does exactly this. SAViQ is an anti-ageing range that makes use of a very special form of skinscience: Apitherapy. The science of bee’s no less.

Bee Venom - A special anti-ageing ingredient

New Zealand Manuka Honey has been around some time and most people accept it has special health giving benefits. Active New Zealand plant extracts are nothing new to skincare either. But SAViQ takes these recognized high performers and adds an unsung hero ingredient: Purified Active Bee Venom!

Bee Venom is a fantastic ingredient. You might have heard it referred to it as nature’s exciting alternative to Botox ® It’s highly effective in skincare because it triggers your skin to release Collagen and Elastin. It has this instantly visible lifting and firming effect that can be seen and felt. The results are really quite exceptional.  Not only that but Bee Venom has a unique ability to prepare our cells to receive skincare goodness like nothing else.

Bee Venom consists of more than 18 natural substances which cannot be chemically reproduced. The most abundant active component is Melittin, which has many useful properties in skincare including anti-inflammatory and healing capabilities.

Right here in New Zealand we have mastered the bee-friendly collection of one of the purest, health giving forms of Bee Venom in the world. SAViQ uses the VENZTM brand of purified Bee Venom. It is special because it originates from hives in Nelson where years of biological research and biotechnology have delivered a purified form of the venom which is safe, potent and maximizes delivery potential of its active ingredients to skin.

Interestingly the VENZTM system also nullifies the worry of an allergic reaction. This is because the compound that causes allergic reaction (Philosphipase A2) has been inactivated during its infusion into the Manuka Honey. It’s a fascinating breakthrough that allows us to harness the potent goodness of nature in a revolutionary new way.

Look for the SAViQ BVA (Active Bee Venom) levels in our range. Each product uses a variable level of the venom dependent on function. A tiny bit goes a long way. You’d hope so at a value of $7000 per gram right?

In summary, what is unique about SAViQ is this exciting synergistic blend of Manuka Honey, Bee Venom and NZ Plant Extracts in a high performing, anti-ageing range. 

A multi-functional anti-ageing solution for the savvy woman

Everything you need to cleanse, tone, moisturize, protect and correct is at your disposal.

The SAViQ range combines three classes of product to provide a comprehensive ‘fountain of youth’.

It’s made up of Daily Protective Essentials, Corrective Repair Intensives and Advanced Powerlift Treatments. Each has a varying degree of Active Bee Venom (BVA) depending on desired functionality. For example the Bee Venom Mask is an Advanced Powerlift Treatment with the highest level of BVA (8). At the other end of the spectrum, the Bee Venom Cleansing Milk contains moderate levels of BVA (2) to nourish skin and protect it from premature ageing while cleansing. 

BEE VENOM FACE MASK (BVA+8) │ Advanced Powerlift Treatment

As we age Collagen breaks down and Elastin is degraded. Both are the building blocks of a youthful complexion. The heightened dose of Bee Venom in this mask supports Collagen and Elastin production. Use this Advanced Powerlift Treatment for a weekly boost. Like a rescue remedy for the skin, it’s designed to visibly lift and tighten. In addition to it’s staple of Manuka Honey and Active Bee Venom, a lavish dose of plant extracts promote radiance and super hydration. Myoxinol is a super-smoother – there to reduce wrinkle depth and volume. Chamomile soothes and calms the skin.

Apply the mask once a week with a spatula (or brush) and rinse off 15 minutes later. You can absolutely use it more often – daily if you like! It’s a great spirit lifter after a bad day at the office or a tiring big-night-out. See for yourself why the Royals and celebs rave about Bee Venom.


BEE VENOM SERUM (BVA+7) │ Corrective Repair Intensive

Serums are to skincare, what nutrition is to athletes. Serums feed the skin for optimal, targeted results. This SAViQ serum is light, silky and designed to be easily absorbed. It travels deep to the dermis layer to correct imperfections caused by ageing. There’s still a good dose of BVA (7) to lift, but this formulation’s is all about regeneration. It’s designed to support micro-cellular renewal. You’ll visibly see the results in a radiant complexion.

A serum should not replace moisturization, but rather be used in partnership. Think serums for deep penetration! And in this case the power to correct the visible effects of ageing. My skin feels silky smooth after it. For a little more science, this serum also contains Blackberry Extract to stimulate the dermis metabolism (another Collagen enhancer). Milk protein is a new and wondrous natural-nourisher and firming agent proven to dramatically reduce wrinkle depth and volume. Hyaluronic Acid binds moisture into the skin for 24 hour hydration.

Apply two to three pumps to cleansed and toned face and neck, morning and evening. Avoid eye area. Follow with SAViQ Night Crème (or moisturizer in the morning).


BEE VENOM NIGHT CREME (BVA+5) │ Daily Protective Essential

Wonderful things happen to us while we sleep (well, in a perfect world anyway). Our bodies repair and renew themselves. Skin is no different. At night we need to feed our skin the nutrients it needs to help nature’s cellular repair functions. You want a night crème to feel luxurious on your skin – comforting and effective. This product feels divine, thanks to the Shea butter added to the plant extract/Manuka Honey base. The Night Crème also contains the antioxidant power of Vitamin E to help protect against free radical damage. Pisum Sativum (better known as Pea Extract) contains vital amino acids and proteins necessary for the production of Collagen and Elastin.

Apply to cleansed and toned skin. Avoid eye area. For best results use after SAViQ Serum.


BEE VENOM EYE CREME (BVA+3) │ Daily Protective Essential

Did you know that the skin around your eyes is five times thinner than the skin on other parts of your face? The eye area needs a special balanced formulation to be accepted into the fine layer. Some formulations are very thick and won’t absorb. They sit on top of the skin and can cause milia (oil build up which comes to the surface as a little lump).The fine pores of skin around the eyes block quite easily. I have to say this one feels just right. It’s fine, light and quick penetrating. SAViQ Eye Crème will help with puffiness by promoting micro-circulation. Again the Bee Venom is there for a lift, along with Myoxinol a natural protein with antioxidant powers that is quite something at smoothing expression lines. This product also has a lovely brightening function, to lighten the appearance of dark circles (thanks to Whitening Extract). I have sensitive skin in the eye area – and I can vouch that this formulation is exceptionally gentle and very safe for even the most sensitive eyes.

By the way, if you are a side or front sleeper and you suffer from puffy eyes – try sleeping on your back. You’ll notice a big difference.

Apply by gently patting a small amount around eye contour morning and night. Lips love it too!  For best results use after SAVIQ Cleanser. Apply when moisturising – but don’t apply moisturizer into the eye area. Save this for the eye crème.


BEE VENOM Moisturiser (BVA+3) │ Daily Protective Essential

So many signs of ageing are rooted in dyhydration and environmental factors. This product is designed to boost hydration and protect you against environmental ageing.

Where your Serum is designed to work on the deeper layers – your moisturizer is formulated to work on the surface of your skin. Its job is to fiercely guard the moisture barrier, to lock in and attract moisture all day long.

This SAViQ Moisturiser is lovely and light. The Bee Venom is there again to help with lifting and support anti-ageing and there is a good level of ProVitamin B5 to help with moisturization and regeneration processes. Other moisturization ingredients like Shea Butter help performance.

Importantly, it’s a nice non-greasy base for your make-up.

Apply to cleansed and toned skin. Avoid eye area. For best results use after SAViQ Serum.


BEE VENOM CLEANSING MILK (BVA+2) │ Daily Protective Essential

Are you using your cleanser morning and night? Sure most ladies will take the time to remove make-up and wash away the grimes of the day before bed. But many of us forget that essential morning cleanse. This is important, as during that regenerative sleep we’ve had, our body has expelled all sorts of toxins out of our skin.

This SAViQ product is an effective, natural cleansing milk. Its soap free and will not strip away essential oils. Its good on make-up removal. Like so many of the SAViQ products it’s convenient multi-purpose nature means it can act as a cleanser as well as make-up remover ideal for the eye area.

The cleanse is vital to prepare our skin to accept the nutrients we then give it in the form of toner, serum and moisturiser.

Apply morning and night to face and neck area and wash away with warm water and a cloth.


BEE VENOM MIST TONER (BVA+2) │ Daily Protective Essential

Last, but not least this handy little spritzer should be used to finish your cleansing programme. It will set your skin up to allow product to penetrate properly. Its scientifically designed to rebalance the PH level of your skin. Its great at reversing the drying effects of harsh air-conditioning – just spritz it on thoughout the day.

Like every product in the SAViQ range, its unique formulation combines natural, active botanicals with the principles of Apitherapy to support a vibrant, youthful complexion. You can’t ask for more than that right?

Apply to cleansed skin. Hold 10cm from face and spray on. Reapply throughout day as required. For best results follow with SAViQ Moisturiser.

Famous Last Words

My final word on this wonderful range, is more of a call to action really:

Be age savvy and treat your skin to the safe, nourishing effects of SAViQ. You’ll love the results. Don’t forget about your neck area. This range is great to lift and nourish this problem area where skin becomes very ‘slack’ over time.