SAViQ Anti-ageing bee venom skin science

The Scientist's Story

Dr. Nikolai Nikolaev (M.D, Ph.D) is the inventor behind purified active Bee Venom in SAViQ products. 

The Russian BioScientist now lives in Auckland. He patented a modernized technology of bee venom collection both in Russia and New Zealand: trademark VENZTM (Venom of New Zealand (NZ patent #329585). This technology allows collection of super grade bee venom in a commercial scale without harming or stressing the bees.  Dr Nikolaev is the founder of ApiHealth NZ Ltd. This company is the main commercial supplier of high quality Bee venom in New Zealand.

Dr Nikolaev’s fascinating story:

“I have a PhD in biology science (biophysics) and additionally a masters degree in electronics. I love bees and was a beekeeper hobbyist in Russia. Apitherapy was very popular in my country and I studied healing properties of bee products and tried to develop new technologies for their harvesting and processing. Bee venom is the most active bee product and its harvesting requires special equipment. I developed electrophysiological equipment for bee venom collection which is completely safe for bees and allows us to collect venom of high quality on a commercial scale. I patented this equipment in my country and then modified it for New Zealand bees. My stimulation method is completely safe and natural for bees and continues to be world innovative”.