SAViQ Anti-ageing bee venom skin science

SAViQ Bee Venom is SAFE and

The infusion of the bee venom into manuka honey negates allergic reaction.

This is because the main bee venom allergic component (Phospholipase A2), which provokes anaphylactic, loses its allergic activity after special mixing with honey.
Science: “In results of our considerable testing, the molecule of PLA2 lost ability to interact with bee venom antibodies and honey with added bee venom became safe”. Dr Dr. Nikolai Nikolaev, Founder ApiHealth Ltd and inventor of VENZTM

In the invention and patenting of the VENZ technology, Western Blotting analysis (Immuno-Blot Assay) was used to prove the science (pictured).

The methods allows to detect individual bee venom proteins within various complex mixture using specific antibody, as well as to estimate the total bee venom concentration by comparison with established bee venom standard.

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