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Bee Venom

Right here in New Zealand we have mastered the bee-friendly collection of one of the purest, health giving forms of Bee Venom in the world.

SAViQ uses the VENZ™ brand of natural Bee Venom. It is special because it originates from New Zealand hives, where years of biological research and biotechnology have delivered a purified form of the venom which is safe, potent and maximizes delivery potential of its active ingredients to skin at a cellular level.

Interestingly the VENZ™ system also nullifies the worry of an allergic reaction. This is because the compound that causes allergic reaction Phospholipase A2 has been minimised during its infusion into the Manuka Honey. It’s a fascinating breakthrough that allows us to harness the potent goodness of nature in a revolutionary new way.


Bee Venom is a fantastic ingredient. You might have heard it referred to it as nature’s exciting alternative to Botox ® It has this instantly visible lifting and firming effect that can be seen and felt. The results are really quite exceptional. 

Bee Venom Benefits in Skincare

Bee venom is a highly biologically active ingredient. It improves blood circulation, increases physical strength and well-being, supports the functionality of the pituitary-cortical system, has anti-oxidant effects and supports the immune system.  The biggest advantage for skincare however is in bee venom’s unique ability to maximize the delivery of anti-ageing ingredients into your cells:

Bee venom contains a number of unique low-molecule peptides and enzymes such as Phospholipase A2 and Hyaluronidase.

IMPORTANT FACT Phospholipase A2 dissolves the skin cell membrane and allows other ingredients to penetrate into the skin cell. Hyaluronidase accelerates disintegration of the old molecules and activates the synthesis of new molecules of hyaluronic acid by skin fibroblasts, thus improving skin penetrability. 

Bee venom peptides supports normal blood circulation in the deepest layers of the skin. It improves metabolism and stimulates cell regeneration as well as elastin and collagen production.

Why NZ Bee Venom VENZ TM by ApiHealth NZ Ltd?